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Specification of PIPA HDPE VINILON

PT ANUGRAH CAHAYA TEKNIK MANDIRIDistributor / Agent selling Pvc Pipe HDPE / HDPE PIPE VINILONHDPE pipe is a pressurized plastic pipe widely used for water pipes and gas pipes, called plastic pipes because the HDPE material comes from petroleum polymers. Therefore, the price of PE materials is influenced by fluctuations in the price of petroleum, according to Wikipedia Polyethylene (abbreviated PE) (IUPAC: Polietena) is a thermoplastic widely used by consumer products as plastic bags. About 80 million metric tons of this plastic are produced annually Polyethylene is a polymer consisting of a long chain of ethylene monomers (IUPAC: ethene). In the polymer industry, polyethylene is written with the abbreviation PE, the same treatment performed by Polystyrene (PS) and Polypropylene (PP) Molecule ethene C2H4 is CH2 = CH2. Two groups of CH2 unite with double bonds Polyethylene is formed by polymerization process from ethene Polyethylene can be produced through radical polymerization process, anionic addition polymerization, coordination ion polymerization, or cationic addition polymerization. Each method produces a different type of polyethylene Whereas the HIGH DENSITY PE is a thermoplastic polyethylene made from petroleum Requires 1.75 kg of petroleum (as energy and raw material) to make 1 kg of HDPE. HDPE can be recycled, and has number 2 on the recycle symbol. In 2007, HDPE production volume reached 30 tons. HDPE has very little branching, this is due to the selection of catalyst types in its production (Ziegler-Natta catalyst) and reaction conditions. Due to slight branching, HDPE has high tensile strength and inter-molecular forces. HDPE is also louder and can withstand high temperatures (120oC) HDPE is highly resistant to chemicals and has a wide range of applications, including:o Packing detergento Milk packingo Fuel tankso Plastic woodo Folding tableo Folding chairso Plastic bagso Container carrier of several types of chemicalso Geothermal heat transfer piping systemo Natural gas piping systemso Water pipeso Wire wrapo Snowboard boardHDPE pipes are used for Water Pipes, Gas Pipes, Chemical Pipes, Water Pipes, Biogas Pipes etc.For More Information and Booking Please Contact Us:
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