Pipa HDPE Corrugated dan Spiral Pipe

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Specification of Pipa HDPE Corrugated dan Spiral Pipe

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What is HDPE Corrugated Pipe
HDPE corrugated pipe or corrugated pipe made of material (High Density Polyethylene) so that this pipe has high mechanical properties. The results based on experiments show that this pipe is able to withstand a load of up to 60 tons. Under the same load condition, it can save about 40% of the raw material compared to the same pipe with the same material.
HDPE Corrugated Pipe has the characteristics of lighter weight, less material, and lower energy consumption compared to other solid wall pipes.
HDPE Corrugated Pipe Application
City engineering. Used for drainage and sewerage.
Construction work. Used to construct rainwater pipes, underground sewer pipes, sewage pipes, ventilation pipes, etc
Electrical and telecommunication engineering. used for pipe protection of various electrical cables
Railways and highways. Protective pipe for communication cables and optical cables
industry. Widely used in sewage, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries
Agriculture, garden projects. Used in farmland, garden, tea garden and forest drainage
Roadworks. used as seepage and drainage pipes for railways and highways
Mine: mine, air supply, drainage pipe
Golf course and football field project. Used for water seepage
drainage pipes on golf courses and football fields. Drainage and sewage pipes for various industries. Such as large airport terminals, port projects, large projects, etc.
What is Spiral Pipe / Spiral Pipe?
At first glance, this spiral pipe or spiral pipe looks the same as HDPE Corrugated Pipe, as well as in terms of its material, namely High Density Polyethylene. The difference is that the smallest size of Spiral Pipe is 800mm or 80 cm, and at the pipe interface it uses an electro fusion socket connection type for the connection process.
Spiral Pipe Application
Trench Digging
Foundation care
Pipe Lift
Pipe connection
Ditch Hoarding

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